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  Search engine optimization is known as a process that improves the visibility of a website and/or web page, through incorporating search engine friendly elements into the structure and style of a website.   Inside SEO   The main purpose of integrating search engine optimization, also known as SEO, into a website involves improving its […]

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Search Engines And… Web Design?

Web design, in relation to SEO, can involve many things. Search engine optimization techniques can become integrated into the design itself. SEO can be used to carefully construct clean and underlying web code to make a website more ‘search engine friendly.’   SEO, when used alongside web design, can also simply involve arranging web elements […]

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30 second SEO Tip

Here is a little tip to improve your SEO in under 30 seconds. Step 1: Go to Step2: Search for your website in the top middle area. Step3: Copy the link of your page. Step 4: Paste the link on any website or blog that you own. (Hint:  Just like I did for our website […]

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Top 10 Fundamentals of SEO

Top 10 Fundamentals of SEO     Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a type of process that affects the visibility of a website and/or web page in natural or unpaid search results within search engines. A common concept associated with search engine optimization involves how websites and/or web pages rank in search […]

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