Are you curious about online marketing but feeling lost as to where to start?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  Plus, it can be difficult to score legitimate information for online marketing beginners in a sea of digital spam.  Beginners are constantly bombarded with opportunists looking to take their money in exchange for a chance to be pointed in the right direction.

Truth is, growing your online marketing skills take time and you should absolutely avoid any get-rich-quick offers that claim to deliver success in just days.  Plus learning about social media marketing and SEO should be fun!  So it’s okay to take as much time as you need to really hone those marketing skills.

Fresh & Compelling Content

Online marketing success is dependent upon many variables, such as great website design, targeted keywords, social signals, Google rankings, conversion rates, and more.  Rather stressing over all these aspects at once, just start with what makes content compelling and effective?  After all you can’t market without great content!

You’ll probably notice that popular blog posts have catchy titles that stand out and give you an exact sense of what the post is about.  Most people still go online to learn something, so content has to have real useful value in some way.  When you have a catchy yet clear title, you can grab new readers right out the gate (keep this in mind for Twitter marketing), and snag them for good with useful content that’s actually fun to read!

Extend this mindset to your animated tutorials, screencasts, digital flyers, original YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook posts, and any other content you’re planning to publish on the web.

While there are many other aspects to online marketing than just creating content, compelling content is what entices readers to share your posts on social media, sign up for your email subscription, follow you on Twitter, and buy your eBooks.

Getting To Know SEO

Online marketing is both creative and analytical.  Aside from nice web design and outstanding content, you also have to think about keywords your target niche is typing into major search engines, most notably Google.

But how do you figure out what these keywords are?

Instead of searching for an SEO service right off the bat, you should familiarize yourself with some of the free SEO tools out there.  Probably the best SEO tool for beginners in Google’s own keyword search tool for its Adwords service, plus you don’t even need an account to use it.

Remember there’s a lot to learn with SEO, such as keyword density and placement, optimizing Google+ pages, and anchor text among other things.  However as a beginner, it’s good to just familiarize yourself better with the searching behaviors of your target audience.  Simply type in some keywords relevant to your niche and click “exact match” to generate a list of searched phrases sorted by popularity!

Not only is this a great way to familiarize yourself with targeted keywords, but it can inspire ideas for compelling content as well!

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